Finance &Controlling Supervisor财务&控制主管


Title: Finance &Controlling Supervisor财务&控制主管



1.      Working out the operation plans and financial plans by months, quarters and years. Applying checking analysis on performing conditions termly.

2.      Develop methods, systems and processes for productivity measurement. Identify cost potentials and control measures for cost reduction.

3.      Plan costs in the context of strategic and production planning. Develop and execute processes for investment planning and controlling. 

4.      Be responsible for internal reporting of target costs and quote prices in the context of budget and strategic planning, business cases and capital requests.

5.      Summary the performing condition of revenue, expense and capital budgets and analyzing the differences between and budget numbers and the true numbers.

6.      Contract review. Participant sourcing meeting regular and give the comments after review the contract.



1.      Bachelor’ s Degree and above in financial major.

2.      At least six years’ experience in financial analysis and cost control.

3.      Excellent in written English and skilled with MS office, SAP operation is better.

4.      Be analytics, result and quality oriented.

5.      Good team spirit and communication skill. Can work under pressure.




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